Lauren Conrad props up Kate Martindale on ‘Asking For A Friend’

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Design On A Macro Level

A designer’s best work comes out when they’re not disturbed by others who micro-manage their work every single minute, that’s when the worst comes out of the designer who can’t creatively concentrate on their vision for a dress, and even decorating a home, confusion comes if every little detail is messed around with, as opposed to having the creative freedom to think outside the box, or go off-script if need be, that’s how Kate Martindale envisions her work as Kate told Lauren Conrad on Wednesday’s episode of “Asking For A Friend”.

The biggest thing when decorating a home is approaching a compromise as you pick furniture and pieces for the home, there is plenty of room for eclectic in many parts with the traditional aspects, but there’s no room for a hodgepodge of furniture and pieces collected for sentimental reasons from a friend, or something you get off the sidewalk.

While there’s room for one pink pillow, there’s no room for an entire house to be pink, and Lauren and husband, William Tell, learned extremely well when arguing about a pink pillow at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, that’s where the magic of compromise comes in when a couple is happily married.

To celebrate Kate Martindale’s appearance on “Asking For A Friend”, Lauren also on Wednesday also had a Pretty Prosecco Punch by Kate herself that’s filled with Saint Germain, tonic, mint, and organic roses in a bundt pan, Lauren also revealed Monday on Instagram that her baby bump was bigger this time in her first trimester than last time.

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