MOS (My Own Summer) out of the Amazonian Jungle at the UBM ‘DESTINATIONcoterie’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Rain Forest Has It All

At the tender age of 8 and a half, yours truly being Daniel plus Lauren for the first time went to a far away place, one of those places had a rain forest, consisting of a damp and sweaty atmosphere that felt oh so nice from the August cold, it may have been dreary, but they got a taste of a climate that’s exotic and moist all year round, yes, the National Aquarium on Baltimore, Maryland made this excursion possible, but enough straying, let’s get back to today where DpL lands at the Javits Center here in New York’s Hudson Yards part of Manhattan where UBM’s DESTINATIONcoterie that’s part of Pre-Coterie takes place, where one can find MOS (My Own Summer) and their Brazilian beachwear collection.

MOS, which is My Own Summer of course, stems their roots out of Brazil, where it is best known for being holders of the Amazonian Rain Forest, a climate that’s filled with the thickest humidity known to man, and carries that trophy throughout Earth’s history thanks to its spot near the Equator.

MOS’s latest collection embodies swimwear, textiles, and prints inspired by the rain forest, Earth tones, and colors found in the Amazonian Jungle where all the green, brown, black, white, and several light colors land on MOS’s extraordinary ruffles, and woven items that make up MOS.

To make MOS extraordinary, MOS’s pieces are handmade, and cotton and silk are blended together to make for such incredible soft pieces, combining light materials and high quality fabrics that not only respect the Amazon Rain Forest, but try not to overpower the climate the Brazilian Rain Forest empowers.

Daniel Quintanilla

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