Maliluha Swimwear made with Italian quality at UBM ‘DESTINATIONcoterie’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Yes, it’s the first day today of UBM’s Pre-Coterie here at the Javits Center, where we all get a taste before the big Coterie event immediately after New York Fashion Week in September, but there’s still a lot of newness to be unveiled in this second year of Pre-Coterie here in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, like the launch of a new part of Coterie or Pre-Coterie alike called DESTINATIONcoterie, it’s thoughtful curation of global designers on warm weather travel lifestyle, the first one Daniel plus Lauren has on deck is Maliluha Swimwear.

Though manufactured in Turkey, all the material that Maliluha uses come right out of Italy, whether it’s the rubber fabrics that hold the swimwear together, or the hardware detailing used in necessary aspects of each piece, this allows Maliluha to produce a sustainable collection at a level where the only thing Maliluha has to do is make high-end, high-quality swimwear out of sustainable materials from Italy.

All of Maliluha Swimwear are beautiful by design, thanks to the designer yours truly spoke with, who makes sure this high level of quality is upheld, and not mass-produced like most swimwear collections are, one will find Maliluha’s quality evident in one-pieces of all kinds ranging from v-neck, tank top, and turtleneck to go with beautiful hardware in the stitching, and never leave out the simple, yet strongly beautiful two-piece offerings from Maliluha, as all this swimwear possesses beautiful construction and gorgeous colors.

Maliluha Swimwear lives by the inspirational manifesto of a magical surreal story, resulting in a carefully creative process, colors do the talking for each collection, developed in-house, innovated by eclectic whimsical attitude, and influenced by Hittite mythology, the goddess that’s Hatepuna, whose daughter was Maliluha.

Daniel Quintanilla

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