Lauren Conrad schools on preparing for baby #2


Now There’s Two

Bringing a life into this world is something in itself, it’s indescribable how much of an accomplishment it is to create another life, as well as raising it from birth to adulthood, there’s so much preparation involved, as well as putting that preparation into practice once the baby is born, and to take what yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren) just spoke of and to do it all over again, and again, and so forth, Lauren Conrad on Friday talked about ways to prepare for the coming of another baby in the house, and how so much changes.

Even though you’re preparing for a new boy or girl coming into the house, you can’t just shop for the new baby, you have to shop for new baby, and your first born also, it’s important to include your first child in the whole new baby process, it’s also vital too since gadgets and technology have changed since giving birth to your first born, and the Amazon Baby Registry comes in handy too.

Preparation up and down is key for any baby’s arrival no matter if it’s your first or your tenth, and technology doesn’t stand still with each baby being born, so updating carriages, baby monitors, toys, care methods, and so on are imperative so you’re better prepared to take care of your children, hand-me-downs are said to be a hit or miss with the newest sibling in the house, so Lauren’s prepared with old or new either way, and prepping your first born for a new baby is the first step so all your children are included in the process, and it minimizes sibling rivalry as much as possible.

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