Lauren Conrad celebrates Liam’s second birthday on the beach

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Love Is What We’re Made Of

We come in this world as a child of God, we grow and inspire to be the best that we can be, and to leave this world in a more fruitful and plentiful place than when we arrived, there’s beauty and precious moments along the way, we savor the time that we have with our children, Lauren Conrad was no exception on Friday on the day after the Fourth Of July when Lauren shared a cute picture of her first born, Liam James Tell, walking on the beach, and celebrating 2 years of life on Earth.

There’s 2-year-old Liam, walking on the beautiful beach of what most likely is Lauren’s hometown, Laguna Beach, California, looking as cute as Liam can be for a fast-growing toddler, while it was only 2 years ago, Lauren gave birth to Liam, being the most beautiful baby that Lauren and husband, William Tell, brought into this world.

Though, Lauren has baby number 2 on the way, Lauren takes precious time to be grateful about the family that she and William have created in just 5 short years, between their marriage, their adopted puppies, and this little man named Liam here, who’s soon to become a big brother to a new baby brother or sister.

At the very least, Liam enjoys his time as the only child before taking on the big man role as a brother, Lauren Conrad and William Tell are for sure preparing this little man about the idea of sharing, and loving others that will soon be close to him.

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