Lauren Conrad’s stylish ladies wearing LC Lauren Conrad Sleep Collection

Courtesy: Kohl’s

It’s Fun To Sleep With You

It’s always the greatest feeling in the world when you climb into bed every night, and fall asleep so peacefully, that you have the best night’s rest ever, waking up refreshed, and ready to take on the world, it’s even more exciting when you someone to share it with, not just your loved one, but 6 of your closest friends who are influencers in their own right, Lauren Conrad today invited special ladies to sleep in her LC Lauren Conrad Sleep Collection, coming from all walks of life in the most diverse way.

Not just anybody can sleep in Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad Sleep Collection, the honor can only be bestowed first on Christina Jones who believes in celebrating special occasions in pajamas that are monochromatic and colorful, Ellie Rohrer likes her sweet peach set with a slogan of “I Need Sleep”, and Sarah starts her morning off with fresh air, light weight robe, and cozy pajamas.

Next, it’s Laramie Otto who likes tea, a good book, and cozy sleepwear to settle into before she’s fast asleep at night, Amanda Brezovsky heats up the summer with a cute short set mixed and matched with patterns for a sweet printed look, and Allison Marbella adds a soft, lightweight robe to her pair of pajamas with a contrasting shade that makes you excited to start the day.

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