MIchelle Obama’s 70’s Style Hoop earrings at the Essence Festival

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

The Essence Of A First Lady

Michelle Obama wore celeb-fav Djula hoop earrings on Saturday at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

With his interesting and seductive collections Alexandre Corrot makes all his campaigns become an authentic work of art.

Unlike traditional jewelry, the spirit of Djula remains the same as when the «Glam Rock» trend was launched 20 years ago.

Djula is known for sourcing all of its diamonds and gemstones from non conflict areas.

Our ethical policy and core values reflect on how we make sure that no children are used as workforce and how all of our gemstones are sourced.

Having a visionary mentality and always thinking ahead of his time it’s how Alexandre Corrot, Djula’s designer and artistic director, revolutionized the jewelry industry with his creativity and his style.

He broke the traditional jewelry idea by launching a glam-rock trend known as the « barbed wire » collection.

It’s not a coincidence that Alexandre Corrot is so found of the “Art Nouveau” as it was a great part of art in the 20’s.

He has an adventurous and delicate style and this is how his obsession for sleek and graphic lines were shown in all of his collections.

He played a big part in converting the jewelry sector from its typical look allowing it to become more urban.

Djula is well known in the jewelry industry due to its very large number of collections : more than twenty collections holding twenty-eight different pieces of jewelry in each collection.

Two to three new collections are constantly being launched every year in the summer and winter, all inspired on current trends and fashion.

Daniel Quintanilla


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