Lauren Conrad learns photography with Valorie Darling on ‘Asking For A Friend’

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Learning By Doing

There’s always the notion that if you want to be an actor, you gotta go to acting school, or if you want to be a good journalist, you gotta go to journalism school, or anything like fashion, TV, or filming, but it’s been proven once again that one can learn something just by doing one thing, you pick up the device, and you go ahead and use it, that’s where you learn your mistakes and pick up a few things so you can get better, Valorie Darling was one of those lucky ones who learned by observation after being an actor and dancer for so long, it’s what brought Valorie to photography in her talk today with Lauren Conrad on “Asking For A Friend”.

Valorie decided early on that her passion was behind the camera, and being the one who operates the camera of course, Valorie went over terms like terms, filters, grid, and apertures when she tries to capture the moment of a given image or situation before snapping the capture button on the camera where the magic gets finalized, you never know what you can achieve when you put a DSLR camera in your hands.

Whether it’s capturing a wedding, a child, or a Christmas Card, it’s very important to capture the moment naturally, because a forced moment can lead to disaster and a lost opportunity, so remember to capture the experience as it unfolds right before your eyes, not any other way.

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