Kylie Cosmetics previews ‘Birthday Collection’ featuring Marco Bicego & Djula jewelry

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

The Power Of Kardashian

There’s certainly an unquestionable fame that’s behind the name of each Kardashian and Jenner alike, it draws followers, sales, ratings, and every dollar possible for the Kardashian and Jenner, and the one selling and branding the two names when there’s an opportunity to do so, Kylie Jenner making the most of her Monday was certainly a day to continue pushing her upcoming Kylie’s Birthday Collection from Kylie Cosmetics by donning 2 astonishing jewelry collections carrying the name of Djula and Marco Bicego.

Djula steps up to the plate first with their XL Diamond Hoop Earrings also coming in gold, weight in earring terms is 12.33, the stone type is a diamond 1,48 CT, and in 8 CM, which are priced at $8,442.00.

Now, we got Marco Bicego, with their Lunaria 18K Yellow Gold Cuff, it’s 2.4 inches, and priced at $8,480.00, and it’s inspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower, this Lunaria Gold Cuff is hand hammered and hand engraved by Italian artisans.

Kylie Cosmetics in its own right has become a hugely popular makeup brand with young girls, Kylie Jenner’s influence thanks to the Kardashians has also made Kylie one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

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