Kerry Washington was a Neon Queen at the premiere of ‘Five Points’ in Borgioni jewels

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

“Scandal” Brightly

If you were lucky enough to feast on wine and popcorn every Thursday night watching “Scandal”, then you know all the perks, fame, glory, and headaches that come with being a gladiator, you take the good with the bad, you reap all the benefits, and you soak in all the glam when walking the red carpet, so it’s a shame that the Monday Kerry Washington had can’t be all that colorful and bright, as Kerry looked in incredibly stunning in neon fashion for the premiere of “Five Points” in Los Angeles, California, wearing the best jewelry by Borgioni.

Coinciding with the neon dress that Kerry wore at the premiere, Kerry wore Borgioni’s double spiked stud earrings, which are 18 karat rose gold, pave diamond double spike studs at .51 CTS diamonds, and are priced at $3,180.00.

Daniel Quintanilla


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