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How Much Girl’s Best Friend Does One Need?

Right from the time when we are little girls and boys, we all crave something beautiful and sparkly in our lives, that’s right, it is a diamond, a rock rich from the minerals of the earth that’s big enough to brag to our friends, big enough to walk proudly around town with, and big enough to put a ring on it when it’s time to make honest men and women out of ourselves, but believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much diamond, maybe not big enough to make us puke, but not the right fit for our style, and not the right fit for our budget, that’s where Lauren Conrad and James Allen come in today, finding out which diamond fits you.

Thanks to the possibilities that provides when buying your precious ring for taking the next step, you can start by zeroing in on a diamond ring’s shape, one is round where it’s brilliant and sparkly, and can be sized at any budget.

You’ve got an oval cut diamond too as it elongates fingers, the oval has unique shape and is a modified version of a round diamond, and its light distribution can be modified to fit your appeal, princess diamonds are cut to maximize size and must be properly set so this cut don’t chip.

Get cozy with a cushion diamond that looks like a pillow and are classic vintage, but choose one that’s a high quality cut, emerald diamonds are the most elegant and appear larger than other diamonds coming with intense clarity, marquise diamonds are the perfect choice when it comes to finding your engagement ring, carrying vintage quality with large coverage.

Pear diamonds are ones to soak up all the light with its traditional and brilliant stature, but must be set properly since tips are sharp, and heart diamonds have strong sparkle and are cut to maximize carat weight.

There’s a diamond for every taste out there, traditionalists should stick to their guns on round, cushion, and marquise, modernists have emerald, oval, and princess cuts, and those against the grain can opt for heart or pear-shaped diamonds.

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