Lauren Conrad’s best LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees for your personality

Courtesy: Kohl’s

The Tee That Says “You”

There’s something wonderful about phases in our life, it all involves change, whether good or bad, little or big, it doesn’t change the person you’ve grown yourself to be, which all leads back to experiences that made you wonderful, and yes, you shine bright in the clothes you wear, you not just look good, you also tell the world via your shirt or skirt what kind of person you are, and that’s more than enough needed even someone reads you, it sends many messages to people you know and don’t know, hopefully in a good light, there’s many ways to break you down, Lauren Conrad today helps along the way with her LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees that speaks of love and adventure.

With the LC Lauren Conrad graphic tees at Kohl’s, Lauren makes you take a quiz to determine what graphic tee is right for you, Lauren starts with A answers that take you as an easy going and laidback personality where you love hanging out with friends and spotting new places to hang whether they’re planned or not, B answers are those who care, help others, and wear their heart on their sleeves, so we find graphic tees of love.

One can never go wrong with C, C people are not people who usually hang around the office, they’re calm and radiate positive energy in stressful situations, and love to go to Hawaii, D answers are people always out on an adventure where it’s hard to pin them down, but tell wonderful stories when they are pinned down, and E finds itself cracking jokes to people, whether through talking, or through tee.

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