Afiya Bennett sparkled in Pre-Fall Maria Lucia Hohan Bria Dress at the NYFW Maybelline Party

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

There’s Fashion In Our Blood

The arts and entertainment industry are composed of many talents with diverse backgrounds, Afiya Bennett, who’s chops include modeling and acting, has expanded beyond the stage/ runway with Afiya’s very own The Afiya Collection, involving military style that inspires young girls to grow to be fierce and independent, Afiya took her designer credit to the step and repeat on Saturday wearing Maria Lucia Hohan to the NYFW Maybelline Party.

There’s only one designer that Afiya, as well as many other celebrities want to put their whole-hearted trust in when it comes to red carpet, it’s Maria Lucia Hohan, who dons Afiya with her Bria dress from her Pre-Fall 2019 collection.

Daniel Quintanilla


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