Angelo Bianco rises in the K-Pop/ K-Fashion revolution at UBM ‘Coterie’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

We Didn’t See It Coming

Almost 3 years ago, a Korean Pop group named BTS (Burn The Stage) took to the scene, where BTS surprisingly became an international phenomenon, as well as an American phenomenon, breaking all barriers on the global music scene, as well as all other soils like ours, BTS definitely shifted America’s focus not just with its own music, but with global music measurement as far as music charts are concerned, there was also another revolution seeping up when we weren’t looking also, the K-Pop/ K-Fashion resolution which took center stage last Monday at UBM’s “Coterie” at the Javits Center at Hudson Yards in New York City, where Daniel plus Lauren was introduced to Angelo Bianco, who embodies K-Fashion extremely well.

When you think Angelo Bianco, you might not think K-Fashion, you may think Italian roots tied to it, that’s because Angelo Bianco uses high quality fabrics from Italy, making their collection wearable for everyone, it’s their own fabric where it’s made a particular way on all their sweaters and coats, no one else can make it the way Angelo Bianco does it because it’s such high quality.

In the 16 years Angelo Bianco has been around, it’s 11 years so far it’s had its current designer, all including cashmere options that are also beautiful all the way.

Daniel Quintanilla

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