H-Ology’s K-Fashion/ K-Pop influenced handbags at UBM ‘Coterie’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Stunning K-Pop Involved

It’s sight unseen how the K-Pop revolution has taken the world by storm, let alone the United States, K-Pop also seeps into the world of fashion, creating what’s been called a K-Fashion revolution, injecting much needed life onto the American fashion scene, which has seen tremendous upheaval over the last 10 years thanks to the economy, and social media which has dramatically changed the whole experience of buying power, let alone fashion, riding that wave of K-Fashion are H-Ology, which was the focal point last Monday over in New York City at UBM’s “Coterie” trade show over at the Javits Center in Hudson Yards.

What is H-Ology? It’s H-appiness plus Ology, born by happiness, designing for people who enjoy and celebrate themselves, sharing what they want to wear and make what they need.

It’s not just about creating fancy, it’s about telling the story and creating motion, where one can make a story together, and laughing, enjoying, and dreaming big while H-Ology is at it, it’s female founded since 2018, where the mission is timeless, seasonless, and happiness, classic and unique, everyday and everywhere, while cute and modern.

Handbags are just so colorful and stylish with H-Ology, popping with attraction, and style that your friends will be envious of.

Daniel Quintanilla

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