Lauren Conrad non-batty for Halloween

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Creepy Is Cute

You just feel the tension and the excitement in the air, the carved pumpkins littered all around, the decorated ghosts and scarecrows hanging from the walls, windows, and trees on the lawn, the witches everywhere you turn, and don’t forget the bats (creepy and scary looking ones), there’s also a wonderful addition as an alternative to bats which Lauren Conrad chose today as she declared that her Halloween decorating was finally finished.

In all the hype and masquerading of Halloween every year, especially in New York, there’s always a little cuteness and whimsical moments found behind the scariness and sexiness, it’s found on Lauren’s fireplace mantel where it’s all decorated with delightful little and big black butterflies, where at first glance they look like bats, the only scariness added are the color black on the butterflies, adding the spookiest effect to what otherwise beautiful butterflies.

It’s certainly that moment to crank up the iPod, the iPhone, the Apple Music, and even the radio to start playing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson on repeat, whether it’s at the party, trick or treating, or even on the treadmill at the gym following your daily weight training session.

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