Twelve Magazine rocks out Halloween Night with Public Hotel Rooftop party

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We Are So In Love With Halloween

All fair little pumpkins everywhere, if your Halloween Night is in need of a little excitement wherever you are, then get inspired by the Halloween Mecca of the world that is New York City, and starts here in Manhattan with a Halloween Parade, followed by a party from Twelve Magazine, thanks to the brainchild of fashion Public Relations’s guru, Terry Doe, to organize and throw a Halloween Party here at the Public Hotel Rooftop in lower Manhattan that brings Halloween to its knees.

It’s a night that rivals even New Year’s Eve here in New York City for the most exciting night of the year, where everyone pauses to be in whatever character they want other than themselves.

Halloween is a holiday that is indirectly mandatory here in New York City, where the young and old dress up being whatever they want, getting into the Public Hotel for this Twelve rooftop party make you countdown all the days of the year until the next Halloween, because Halloween is very hard to pass up here in New York City, you find yourself at odds if you’re the one who just passes by.

In all this, Daniel plus Lauren looked to his random resources on Pinterest for inspiration on his Halloween costume tonight, he discovered an Asian model named Kina Shen, who not only brings out the blue eyes in yours truly, but has the cuteness to say the least, bringing out the party revelers in yours truly.

Daniel Quintanilla

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