Vancouver Fashion Week SS2020 at its finest

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Canada + Fashion = Cashionista

New York Fashion Week is not the only place where you find out the latest that’s happening every season in fashion, there’s also London, Paris, Milan, and even LA that participate in catwalk seasonally, but one important place you don’t wanna overlook is right above these here United States, it’s Vancouver, Canada where their semi-annual Vancouver Fashion Week takes place, the fastest-growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals, celebrating multiculturalism and up-and-coming designers in their runways, also identifying undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally-reputable platform along with media coverage and cogent buyer connectivity, leading on to international success.

A list of fine designers include David Grillo, who’s models floated down the runway in long flowy dresses, looking like goddesses as classical Italian music echoed throughout the room embodying the timeless and classic nature of the brand, the collection is washed in pastel colors featuring opulent lace and silk fabrics.

Let’s go French and Lebanese with Celine Haddad, who’s “Rebellion” falls on lilac on a range of blazers, skirts, and see-through tops, resisting too in utility holsters and belts, non-traditional accessories that represented anti-conformity with oversized shirt with cutout back, blazers paired with workout tights, hoodies, and shorts.

Don’t hide from Diabla, their Bolivian traditions, folklore, and heritage come out in handmade garments with beautiful and delicate beading, dazzling fringe and elegant silk and chiffon pieces, accompanied by rich jewel tones and shimmering gold.

We’re brave with Carla Quiroga’s South American style with tassels and ombré effects, coming in lightweight knits and netting, featuring skirts and pants with flare, with infused colors of pinks, purples, mint green, light orange, and green.

Papingo Maminga shines on challenge, taking on kitsch, 80’s color, rainbow bands wrapped around sleeves and pant legs morphed into a hybrid line of high street and modern fashion.

NARDA Bolivian Handmade is individualistic expression, in Jaguar camouflage with rose spots to blend into its jungle habitat, defined in palettes of pinks, nudes, and greens.

Let’s look at La Espina, that’s ethical fashion found through earth, wind, and skies with white laced dress, golden pencil skirt, and floral headbands.

DAHNA, the namesake of Danha Kim, founded her brand with roots in Hanbok style in soft colors of pink, blue, and green with puffy layered skirts and short jackets combined into a silhouette reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty, drawing inspiration from historical artifacts, while staying modern with recycled fabrics.

Finally, Feelomena aspires off of traditional martial art of Japanese Samurai, with 90 degree cut outs and strategic cinches and straps, playing with dichotomy of stationary versus non-stop movement, tactical versus gentle, contrasting minimalism with glamour, glimpses of geometric and fur-heeled shoes peeked out beneath the vast billows of fabric, offering a glimpse at Saltarelli’s breadth of skill.

Daniel Quintanilla

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