Lauren Conrad loves on fall multicolored manicures


Why We Love Fall

Fall has so many definitions to it, New York Fashion Week, The September Issue, foliage on the falling leaves, temperatures from hot to cold, pumpkin spice, and Halloween all around, there’s also a conversion from cool color tones to bright colors that celebrate the season, it’s all found in the fashion we wear, as well as on our fingertips with nail polish aka manicures, Lauren Conrad today has a set of fall manicures that fit the mood you’re in, as well as the fall we’re feeling.

Let’s start out light with the cool-toned gray and blue mani, as it’s demure but yet striking look enhances neutral blue and gray shades, chosen in different hues by Olive & June, ZOYA, Essie, and KL Nail Polish in Wishbone.

Now, let’s get onto the true meaning of fall which represent bright colors, consisting of berry and rose tone that turn into pretty, pristine, and polished looks found on dusty rose and pinky nudes, they turn out bold and striking that balance of dark shades and lighter and softer hues.

Whether you wanna hold onto summer in some way, or wanna embrace fall every step of the way, there’s always a balance between the two, and it comes in the form of stripping yourself down to the bare bones, it’s called elegant nude mani in a two-toned look coming out soft and neutral that’s very flattering with a bit of flair to definitely spice up your look.

Daniel Quintanilla


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