Lauren Conrad’s 2019 ladies gift guide


Charlie Brown Won’t Like This

Yes, it’s 3 days before Thanksgiving, but we’re already talking about Christmas, which Mariah Carey appreciates, but folks like Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang (and maybe Daniel plus Lauren too) get a bit miffed about, nevertheless, Lauren Conrad kicked off her annual gift guides today with the first of the season, catering first and foremost to the ladies, making sure those important females in her life are remembered and appreciated for all they do all year long.

This year, Lauren breaks down her ladies gifts into 3 categories of wear, primp, and decorate, due in part to each category having loads of gift ideas.

Let’s wear our best with a few items like Stackers Taupe Classic Premium Stackable Jewelry Box made vegan, and LC Lauren Conrad Vanity Bag which is all cute, and crossbody all the way.

Now let’s primp with The Little Market Peppermint Soaking Salt for a relaxing bath, and Kristin Ess’s Wave Curling Iron for the best waves one’s hair can get.

Finally, in the hints of decorating we begin, decorate with The Little Market Large Rattan Woven Basket to fill with fruit and/ or potpourri, and gearing up for 2020 with an Artifact Uprising Brass Easel and Calendar, something to make your workspace more pleasant.

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