Lauren Conrad takes first-born Liam to see first snowfall

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

White Stuff Is Good

Lauren Conrad posted Sunday on Instagram something that first-born, Liam James Tell, and newborn, Charlie Wolf Tell do not get to see very often, it’s called snow, but it’s extremely special for Liam since it’s Liam’s first time to get to play in it.

Lauren and husband, William Tell, took Liam and Charlie up north, driving for hours to see certain parts of California mountains that actually get snow.

The whole family made the most of their time out in the snow, where Liam built a tall and wonderful snowman as quick as possible, because after only 20 minutes, Liam for cold and hungry, but Liam too got to throw some snowballs, which Lauren also said was worth seeing Liam’s little face light up as Liam was playing in the snow.

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