Amanda Uprichard New York introduces summer 2020 at Informa NY Women’s Intermezzo

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Go Big, & Go Bright

Amanda Uprichard, one of the most sought after designers in the business, who birthed her namesake collection here in New York City, showed off the best of her upcoming spring, and now summer 2020 collection today at Informa (Formally UBM) NY Women’s, not only is it the first fashion trade show of 2020 and the new decade, but it also marks the return of the Intermezzo (formally Project Women’s) trade show, rejoining Accessorie Circuit, Fame, Moda, and Accessories The Show.

To know how Amanda Uprichard came about, you have to go back to Amanda’s roots, going back to 2003 when Amanda started her stellar collection back in her basement, then in a small NYC studio in 2008, Amanda Uprichard, the brand, came to life, standing for rouge fashion, innovation, fun, and freedom.

From this nice business that is Amanda Uprichard, Amanda takes in her spring bread and butter from Cajun party dresses, blazers, and suiting, all coming in fantastic technicolor options from light to dark or bright to subtle, giving one bright energy for every day and every occasion one can create, whether it’s bright mornings, sunny days, or sexy nights.

The newest thing that Amanda Uprichard has here at Informa Intermezzo are her summer 2020 collection, with all new prints, textures, and fabrication along with core fabrics carried every season, which include crapes and cottons that go hand and hand with Amanda’s fashion brand of statement pieces in luxe fabrics and bold hues.

Amanda Uprichard designs for that woman who is in relentless pursuit of her dreams, someone who doesn’t take NO for an answer, and refuses to quit, it’s proof in the pieces Amanda has to offer, while aligning with the destination of the Intermezzo contemporary focus of spring and summer deliveries.

Daniel Quintanilla


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