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Moms Are Beautiful Too

There’s so much to do for a mom raising children day in and day out, especially if they’re just a few years old or more, there can never be a moment of lax when it comes to taking care of a family, but our beauty routine at times can fall by the waist side, especially now that the holidays are over and we’re nothing but tired, Lauren Conrad contributor, Ilana Saul today breaks down her daily beauty routine to keep Ilana beautiful.

Microblade brows are now the way to go, it’s the best thing that can happen to your brows, you only need one treatment, followed by another one 6 to 12 weeks later to have beautiful brows for 2 years, laser hair removal has given off so many wonders to one’s skin, like smooth skin, less time shaving, less razor burn, less shower time, and smoother legs.

Lash lift or extensions provide an enormous and fluffy beauty lift to one’s eyelids, it’s worth the extra expense if you have a special occasion coming up, and facials can do a great deal for one’s skin when in dire need, because life roughens up our natural skin and Ph Balance, turning our skin into a natural mess.

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