Lauren Conrad stirs up pink lemonade champagne spritz via LC Lauren Conrad


Let’s Love A Good Drink

The big number is 9, 9 days now till Valentine’s Day, a day where love is indeed celebrated, love between 2 people who have made a commitment to each other, sharing their likes, dislikes, emotions, feelings, and intimacy, it all begins setting down or going out for the night of love, but if your choice is staying in, there’s always a good drink to kick love off, today’s drink of choice from Lauren Conrad includes a pink lemonade champagne spritz with help from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s.

To make this pink lemonade champagne spritz, you must start out with an LC Lauren Conrad Iridescent High Ball Glass at Kohl’s which lives up to its name with enough height and width to fill up on a lovely libation, it’s round principle structure is given away by its octagon sides giving note to the widen slanted ball two-thirds down.

Now for the pink lemonade champagne spritz, choose the champagne of your choice, as well as pink lemonade, chamboard, and lemon shavings for garnish, make sure you fill half of each glass with champagne, followed by a fourth of pink lemonade with a splash of chamboard and lemon shavings to enjoy.

Daniel Quintanilla

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