Kristin Cavallari can’t step back from successful Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

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It’s always a wonderful thing when your products you created are selling like hot cakes, and it generates into high revenue which is good for one’s bottom line both in business and personal especially, but it can be hard to step away from something that’s doing well, which Kristin Cavallari has a dilemma with in Thursday’s episode of “Very Cavallari” on E!.

As Kristin gets ready to open up yet another Uncommon James store this time in Chicago, Illinois, Jay recommends that Kristin take a step back since there’s so much uphill growth which could leave Kristin going nonstop for the next few years, but Kristin is super reluctant from stepping aside and watching other people run Uncommon James as their own, which Kristin bares the name and creation of.

Meanwhile, Brittany tries to move on from her ex by dating P.J., which Brittany goes into detail about how difficult it is, Brittany also discovers that her ex has moved on tremendously by taking his new girlfriend to places where Brittany and her ex use to go.

Also, Justin wonders about taking the next step with his husband about moving to Nashville, Tennessee and buying a house, Justin admits having cold feet, having fears about the future, but buckles down and puts an offer in on a home.

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