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With each new year brings new trends, trends in health, exercise, hangouts, and clothing styles, but 2020 has barely started, let alone nowhere near a quarter of the way ending, so let’s start easy with one trend that Lauren Conrad loves, it’s denim, a fresh go to style for the last one to two years, which Lauren devotes wholeheartedly to today with help from her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.

It’s always good to extend your reach for your love of denim beyond the status quo of denim jackets, so Lauren places special love on cropped wide leg jeans that are extremely comfortable, and can be worn with anything, the big win so far in 2020 even beyond the democratic primary are flared denim jeans which Lauren loves because flared denim have the ability to enhance anyone style in a heartbeat, and rise above the rest with high rise denim jeans that flatter any body type while great with cropped sweaters or a French tuck.

Just being a mom is an extremely hard and stressful task, so you need every comfort possible, which is why mom denim jeans will always be the piece to rely on that are stylish with their loose fit and straight leg, and the last trend today is non-denim, coming in luxe and cozy fabrics like velvet and corduroy which diversify your options.

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