Kristin Cavallari announces Uncommon James store closures due to #COVID19 #coronavirus concerns

Courtesy: Uncommon James

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Kristin Cavalllari took to her Uncommon James Instagram first thing today letting her loyal supporters know that she’s closing her Uncommon James stores in Nashville, Tennessee, Chicago, Illinois, and their pod store in Los Angeles, California starting today until the end of the month at least as a precautionary measure in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic.

Before announcing the closures, Kristin assured that she and Uncommon James take the health and safety of their customers, employees, and communities very seriously, with Kristin also assuring her fans that they will give updates on when they’ll be reopening once this is all over, hoping everyone is staying safe while being quarantined.

In spite of reporting on the Uncommon James store closures due to coronavirus, Kristin will be releasing items from her rainbow collection sooner than planned, which will be early next week to keep her supporters entertained in this crisis, giving one more assurance that Uncommon James online is going strong and uninterrupted.

Kristin Cavallari concluded in a sigh of relief via optimism with one of her kids calling for mommy in the background that she’s excited about upcoming releases and wants everyone to check it out.

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