Sara Bareilles had #COVID19 #coronavirus, but fully recovered from it @SaraBareilles @WaitressMusical #sarabareilles #waitressmusical

Courtesy: Sara Bareilles Twitter

Life After Pandemic

Sara Bareilles, the one who wrote and performed us a “Love Song” , then serving up the Broadway musical hit, “Waitress”, revealed one thing on her Instagram story Thursday, she had it (COVID19), but has fully recovered from it.

Sara had just come therapy while walking around a very desolate New York City, taking in all the feelings she’s going through at the moment, and says the best thing for her right now is to stay quiet.

Sara has also been thinking about the people that are going through this tricky time on the planet right now, while being thankful for every breath Sara’s been given, and also to be walking around in the first place.

Sara Bareilles is one of the few lucky ones on Broadway to have survived COVID19 and lived to tell about it, Terrance McNully and Adam Schlesinger were not so lucky.

Daniel Quintanilla

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