Terrence McNally dies, becoming first #broadway life claimed by #COVID19 #coronavirus

Courtesy: Variety

The affect coronavirus has had on Broadway, let alone the population at large, is mind boggling in itself, now it hits home even more, Variety reported Tuesday that Terrence McNally, has died from COVID19 in his Sarasota, Florida home, he was 81.

Terrence’s ties to Broadway go deep, he was a 4 time Tony Award winner, having significant commercial success, as well as commercial failure, seeing the sword on both ends, Terrence also was a lung cancer survivor, also suffering from COPD.

So far, Terrence McNally is the only one to have died from coronavirus in the Broadway community, no other stage actors have come out saying they have COVID19, only an usher tested positive for the disease, prompting Broadway to shutdown.

Daniel Quintanilla


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