Kristin Cavallari’s ex-BFF Kelly Henderson fires back at trolls about #jaycutler #divorce @commentsby

Silent No More

Kelly Henderson, the one who use to hold the title of Best Friend Forever with Kristin Cavallari, showed the world on Thursday via commentsbycelebs on Instagram that’s she’s had it up to eye’s length with the negative remarks people are leaving about the bracelet, which has fired speculation that Kelly had an affair with Kristin’s soon to be ex-husband, Jay Cutler.

One of Kelly’s trolls accused Kelly about the bracelet on the man’s arms being a nice touch in the post, the troller then attacked Kelly’s looks, and warned Kristin to keep an eye on her so-called BFF, Kelly fired back at the troll saying it’s a waste of time to go back and forth about this whole thing, and them choosing to cause trouble instead of seeking truth.

It was earlier this month that the infamous bracelet photo was posted by Kelly, which caused a firestorm of speculation by the public about Kelly having an affair with Jay, and Kelly’s line of defense the first time was apparently not enough.

Somewhere in-between the third and final season of “Very Cavallari”, Kristin finally had to let go of Kelly after a long period of time went by without hearing from Kelly, Kristin a few days ago pulled the plug on her E! reality show.

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