Kristin Cavallari celebrates Saturday with flowers @KristinCav #kristincavallari #flowers #farmersmarket

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It’s The Weekend, Finally

Kristin Cavallari had plenty of reason to turn a small feat into a joyous monumental moment today, as if the weekend wasn’t plenty of reason to jump for joy, or the fact that it’s Memorial Day weekend, a 3 day weekend, or the unofficial start of summer, Kristin rejoiced as she was able to get flowers at her local farmer’s market in Nashville, Tennessee again.

Aside from the beautiful flowers, Kristin bought herself a box full of vegetables, which seem to be carrots, scallions, beets, and other garden goodies that come to mind in this summer season that’s finally started.

Each small step for Kristin is another moment of victory as Kristin begins a new chapter in her life without Jay Cutler, though Kristin did sadly say good-bye to her three season E! reality show, “Very Cavallari” on Tuesday, saying she was grateful for the adventure.

But on the upside, Kristin discovered another small victory in her corner, like playing “Ms. Monopoly” on Thursday, where women make more money than a man at every move.

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