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Care In Pandemic

Curve New York their weekly expo today covering concerns in the lingerie industry during COVID19, this week’s was collaborated with Kimmay Caldwell from Hurray Kimmay about “Virtual Support: Simple Ways to Serve Lingerie Clients With Virtual and Digital Offers”.

There’s one thing that bra makers and especially bra sellers need to practice, understanding, understanding that their customer base is having a tough time right now with COVID19, whether it’s unemployment, finances, health, routines, and changing sizes thanks to the fallout of this pandemic.

Retailers can start by holding virtual fittings, getting as much education as possible about their buyer, also giving equal education about your product before one buys, doing their very best to fit them in the best bra possible, it also helps to mail out bras to try on at home in different sizes to see what fits on the buyer.

Comfort is key with your customer, because they may not be the smaller size they were before stay-at-home orders were in place, as well as no longer needing formal bras for work or special occasions, and saving as much money as possible since the future is uncertain.

Virtual fitting can be set up in various ways, ready for a business to pivot into at any time, but remember that some businesses are set up for a virtual business model prior to peril, but not everyone is ready, or willing to transition virtually, so think long and hard if virtual bra fitting is right for you, it may take a few tries to get it right, but it’s also okay to not do virtual all together (albeit have a website and/ or social media at least), and make the firm decision to wait till it’s safe to physically open up businesses again, but practicing safety also.

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