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Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

A Roaring Look

Kristin Cavallari got her Saturday off to a stylish start today with a mix and match of new items hot off the Uncommon James collection, Kristin’s Instagram story showed off the Safety Pin Earrings and Baby Roar Necklace, all giving off their own style.

Kristin got right to it with the UJ Safety Pin Earrings, it’s the edgy, yet glamorous that’s balanced lovingly well, Kristin also sports the UJ Baby Roar Necklace, it’s gold and leopard making the perfect pair of minimal yet bold and stylish jewelry.

Kristin and Uncommon James also got into the essentials business today, revealing a line of Safety jewelry that’s also the Safety Pin Earrings, Safety Pin Necklace, and Safety First Bracelet, essential but edgy is what’s hot with Uncommon James.

Daniel Quintanilla

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