How did Amanda Kloots meet her husband, Nick Cordero? #wakeupnick #amandakloots #COVID19 #broadway

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Amanda Kloots, the loving wife of Hollywood and Broadway’s, Nick Cordero, who was stricken with COVID19 before his legs got amputated because of it, told new followers today on her Instagram about how she and Nick first met.

Amanda was 32, went through an unexpected divorce from a previous spouse, she didn’t know what the future would hold, but got her head up, and her Broadway energy to start her own business, and the first in the world to start a jump rope class, Amanda was also still doing Broadway where she met Nick on the show, “Bullets Over Broadway”.

Amanda and Nick were first friends, then fell in love, got married in New York City in 2017, and had Elvis 2 years later, who celebrated his birthday just 3 days ago, and Nick contracted COVID19, and it’s now been 73 days since Nick had been in the ICU.

Everyday is a new battle for Nick and Amanda alike, but Amanda marches on in search for a turnaround in Nick’s condition, and puts on her armor of faith to stay optimistic everyday.

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