Curve New York joins @LingerieBriefs for webinar on new #COVID19 reality #lingerie @curvexpo

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Step & Move Forward

Curve New York today held its weekly webinar on how brands and retailers are surviving in the COVID19 pandemic, this week was “An Intimate Chat with Specialty Stores: Continuing The Conversation” with Ellen M. Lewis of Lingerie Briefs.

Dilemmas discovered are while some stores are in lock step with pivoting to digital while their stores are closed, they’re going crazy about when they’ll be able to reopen, it’s stressed that they gotta stop expecting things to go back to the way they were tomorrow, they gotta step into the new normal with building their e-commerce, and working on social distancing in their stores, provide high-grade hand sanitizer, and provide masks in parts of the country that can reopen.

Stores gotta be able to deal with the fact that at any moment, stay-at-home orders could go into effect again, as COVID19 cases surge, and George Floyd protests could also resort in surges over the next couple weeks.

And if you’ve applied for financial assistance in any way from the government during this pandemic, don’t sit and wait for them to respond, constantly follow up on the status of your application so you know how to keep your business alive.

Another interesting tidbit with parts of the country reopening is stores have seen their customers return to shop while their websites that previously was the only way to shop have seen declines due to reopening, but stores continue to push the website regardless just in case it’s primary again.

And as you prep your workers for a return to some type of normal one day, and also relying on other businesses for advice since we’re all in this pandemic, please relax and have fun with this situation, keep your customers engaged and entertained, and whatever staff you do have, get them involved in the fun.

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