Nick Cordero could be in hospital for months with 1 year rehab from #COVID19 #wakeupnick #amandakloots #broadway

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The Road Ahead

Amanda Kloots gave an update about her husband, Nick Cordero, who’s been battling COVID19 and COVID19 complications for 78 days now in the form of an FAQ on Amanda’s Instagram story early today saying that Nick leaving the hospital anytime soon is out of the question, there’s months in this recovery process, and Amanda insists that Nick will leave the hospital, where he’ll go through a year of rehab and fitting of a prosthetic leg since his leg’s been amputated.

Amanda says she’s told Nick about his leg being amputated along with telling Nick about prosthetics as Nick tries to understand with eye communication and nods, Amanda says too she also wants to celebrate by taking a trip to Hawaii with Nick and Elvis once this is all over.

And there was a time where Nick and Amanda broke up for 3 months awhile back, but would text each other every so often just to see how one’s doing before finally getting back together.

Amanda also on Wednesday night finally revealed what Nick’s vision board looked like, it was RuPaul in full disclosure as someone Nick admires and looks up to.

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