1.51 million more on #unemployment, 46 million now #unemployed by #COVID19 @usdol

Courtesy: Pexels

The numbers were still grim today by the United States Department Of Labor as another 1,508,000 filed unemployment claims, putting our country in over 11 weeks at about 46 million people out of work.

Though, the number of jobless claims are a far cry from March and April when 3.3 million and 6.6 million filed for unemployment, the numbers even this week are still way too high from the average of 200,000 more or less that are normally filed on a weekly basis.

And businesses that haven’t closed permanently from this pandemic are doing whatever they can to stay afloat, pivoting back and forth to either some parts of the country closed, or reopened, or closed back again if COVID19 cases keep surging.

Even in a pandemic, there is a chance to create 1.5 billion jobs if you don’t wait for the rest of the regular job sector to come back, but jobs that can stay around, and even shorten the life of a pandemic and much more.

Daniel Quintanilla

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