Kristin Cavallari honors #Juneteenth #Juneteenthday #Juneteenth2020 with @UncommonJames statement jewelry @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

Courtesy: Uncommon James

We’re Free

Kristin Cavallari and her team at Uncommon James today paid their dues where it needs to be paid, commentating Juneteenth Day today by featuring a black model wearing jewelry that’s made especially for days like today, it’s UJ Statement Jewelry in Silver with nothing but bold spelled out.

Let’s start out with the Uncommon James Heat Earrings, rectangle earrings that are bold and powerful, giving you the ammunition to take on the day whatever complexities come your way.

Next up is the famous Uncommon James Link Necklace that’s always a hot popular item with all people, chains in effortless, chic style that are so versatile and paired with any outfit imaginable.

Kristin and Uncommon James also extend their inclusion of the black community with the “Edgy” collection, showing off black beauty that’s sadly missed at times by the media.

Daniel Quintanilla

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