Fashion #minglemastermindgroup talks increasing #SEO traffic @fashionmingle #COVID19

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During this moment in time where we’ve pivoted our business from store to website, we’ve had to spread the word on our pivoting transition, as a chance to survive or more, Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” today spoke with Glynis Tao, who’s an apparel business specialist on “How To Use SEO To Drive Traffic To Your Fashion Business Website”.

SEO’s are broken down into 3 parts, Technical SEO optimizes the entire website for crawling and indexing phrases like keywords that get the people to click, On Page SEO optimizes a specific page you want your readers to see, and Off Page SEO optimizes your site off the actual website itself in other places.

Also emphasized are SEO tools that measure site speed, Google analysis, search console, business search, keyword planner, UbberSuggest, SEM Rush (Paid), and Moz bar extension, which all are crucial to increase your website traffic for when you need to sell something, or increase readers on your fashion blog.

The SEO process is one vital aspect that we all must learn as much as possible about, even if we’re hiring SEO professionals to optimize our site (which is highly recommended for those that need traffic), we need to know at least a few things about how SEO works.

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