Nick Cordero and wife, #amandakloots holds hands for the first time since #COVID19 isolation #wakeupnick #broadway

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Finally, Close Again

Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, did something today that she hasn’t been able to do for exactly 79 days since Nick went into the ICU for COVID19, touch Nick in any shape or form, so Nick and Amanda held hands for the first time in quite some time.

In Amanda’s everyday quest to be by Nick’s side at Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Hollywood, California during his COVID19 ordeal and afterward, Amanda was super-excited on her Instagram story that she got a visitor’s past to see Nick in person, where she was obviously the first as one person at a time for only a limited number of hours is admitted.

Also on the upside with Nick today is that his blood pressure has dropped to a normal level, where Amanda credits not only medicine, but prayer for all the progress and improvements Nick has made from being in the hospital with COVID19.

Daniel Quintanilla

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