Kristin Cavallari salutes #dad on #fathersday #kristincavallari @KristinCav

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

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Kristin Cavallari took a moment today to pay homage to her dad, Dennis Cavallari, who brought Kristin into this world 33 years ago, with a couple of photos of Kristin as a toddler, and her dad holding her in his arms.

Along with a Happy Father’s Day greeting, Kristin says she’s lucky to have her dad in her life, and thanked her dad for teaching her that Kristin can do anything she wanted to do in her life, you can create your own destiny, so Kristin shows nothing but love for her dad.

Kristin also is appreciating home a lot more these days as sources say Kristin moved into a new home that followed the temporary resolution with custody of her children between herself and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Jay Cutler, Kristin spent time in her last night making dinner.

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