Uncommon James @KristinCav carries out #blackbeauty with Sur Necklace @UncommonJames #uncommonjames #kristincavallari #georgefloyd

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Color Is Beautiful

Our country has come under serious fire due to the events of George Floyd and the police, forcing us to take an even harder look at how we include the black population in all occupations and such, Kristin Cavallari continues to listen and be open to black talent as Uncommon James today features a young black woman modeling the UJ Sur Necklace.

The Uncommon James Sur Necklace is styled and made for you to make a statement, it also allows you to show off initials of a loved one, or even you, it’s a perfect piece to wear everyday, even on Father’s Day.

Along with the Sur Necklace is the ever-popular Link Necklace that delivers beauty in a choker, Choker Link Necklace for the padlock beauty, and Textured Stud Earrings for a little touch of medallions on the ears.

Kristin also placed honor where it’s due, Kristin constricted her own dedication to Juneteenth on Friday with the Uncommon James Statement Necklace, showing off untold jewelry beauty with untold black beauty.

Daniel Quintanilla

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