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A Pivoting Moment

Fashion Mingle today in their weekly Mingle Mastermind Group webinar talked with Christine Daal of Fashion Angel Warrior, who addressed how virtual pivoting from COVID19 has spun off virtual events in other realms of fashion, leading to the question “Are Virtual Textile Trade Shows For Fashion Designers The Future?”.

If you’re a new or emerging designer who’s never been participated in a trade show physically, then going virtual is perfect for you because you can take the virtual platform you’ve utilized since COVID19 and/ or before COVID19 and set a special exhibit up for trade shows like Texworld, who will hold their first virtual trade show July 21 to July 23.

Virtual trade shows are said to become the future of selling fashion to retailers and press, there’s also been talk of pivoting New York Fashion Week in a virtual direction, runway shows that can be watched live or anytime after the live broadcast.

Virtual, not just for brands and retailers, is also an opportunity for designers to educate their customer base about how the creative process works, an explanation about the reason why their collections exist.

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