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Courtesy: Liberty Fairs

Let’s Do Digital

Liberty Fairs partnered with Scaling Retail again today for a live webinar, addressing the COVID19 pivot to digital/ virtual way of selling and buying with menswear in the fashion industry titled “Real-Time Retail Series, Conversation 2: The Digital Drive”.

The big thing about digital with menswear is there’s no end to this whole stay-at-home lifestyle with COVID19, reasons are that COVID19 has its own clock, regular sales of menswear staples are severely down with no sign of resurgence anytime soon, and comforts in clothing and shoes like Crocs keep dominating the market.

There’s also no telling about the sales of face masks, it’s unpredictable because the sales people rush to order a whole lot, but then others have them too so you could take a loss and think twice next time, it’s unfortunate because we have to have one everywhere we go to stop COVID19.

ATS buys have seen tremendous success, to the point now where ATS is nowhere to be found; stores that have been closed but reopened have seen their in-stores sales serge as people want to finally get out of the house.

Being nimble, sustainable, and manufacturing on a more efficient, digital, and on a need-basis level are now more important than ever for every brand of menswear large or small, retailers realize too they need to stay in business with brands that get people into the store.

Daniel Quintanilla

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