Kristin Cavallari @UncommonJames checks in @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari

How You Doing?

Another weekend gone, and another week has begun, this time it’s the last 2 days of June as of today, and Independence Day Weekend is only 4 days away, but Kristin Cavallari is checking in to see how you are, sending a text to see how their Monday is so far.

The most natural move to make on Monday is asking how the weekend was, which Kristin does, also saying “hey”, and wishing everyone a great week, while also expressing that she has missed you all.

Over the weekend, Kristin reconnected with a very familiar face from Uncommon James and “Very Cavallari”, it’s Brittiany Taylor, who Kristin went up to the wilderness with.

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