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No Where To Hide

Something big happened with Broadway today, and it wasn’t on stages apparently closed, Disney Plus finally released “Hamilton The Musical” on its streaming platform, and it’s just non-stop, fans who’ve seen it, and fans who haven’t seen it can’t stop gushing about it, especially on Twitter where it’s trending at number 1.

There’s no one out there that hasn’t seen this captivating musical, sending shockwaves to The Great White Way that is Broadway bringing in hordes of young crowds to Broadway shows that hadn’t been seen in decades, or if ever, incorporating rap numbers, and eye-popping song and dance numbers to the history lessons we get out of Alexander Hamilton along with the fantastic costumes.

If it wasn’t for a pandemic named COVID19, the only way you would’ve been able to see “Hamilton The Musical” is on stage, buying tickets at $10,000 a piece, sometimes a 5-year-wait to see it, and you would’ve waited till October 15, 2021 to see it on Disney Plus, but COVID19 sped “Hamilton The Musical” to Disney Plus 15 months sooner when announced on May 12.

Even if you’re not a fan of Broadway, or even “Hamilton The Musical”, catching at least one number from this game-changing musical will leave your heart loving it, and wanting more.

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