Nick Cordero comes down more from BP medication after rough start to day 91 #COVID19 #amandakloots #wakeupnick #broadway

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Fight The Good Fight

Nick Cordero’s battle with COVID19 and the sickness that came after is far from over, there are good and not so good day in Nick’s recovery, day 91 in the ICU on Thursday was one of them, Nick’s wife, Amanda Kloots, gave an update early today that Nick’s day got off to a gloomy start, but eventually led to Nick’s blood pressure medication getting reduced even more.

In spite of the gloomy start, Amanda immediately put music on to lighten the mood, did a little dancing, and read all the get well mail sent by fans that pray for Nick to have a full recovery from his illness after COVID19.

Amanda seemed wiped out explaining the rough patch Nick encountered when she first visited Nick on Thursday, but wrapped up the update with the BP med reduction, concluding that things are looking good.

So far, 91 days total 13 full weeks that Nick has been in the ICU from COVID19, one week in the ICU equals one month of rehab when out of the hospital, but it could be awhile before Nick leaves Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood.

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