September #coterie @informaplc fashion trade shows cancelled due to #COVID19

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Continued Concerns

Informa announced on Thursday it had a change of heart with its September trade shows thanks to the unpredictable pandemic that is COVID19, it’s cancelling all its September trade shows that were due to take place at the Javits Center in New York City’s Hudson Yards on September 22 to 24, where it combined trade shows already canceled so far this year, along with Coterie already taking place normally during this time, now every show had been called off for the rest of 2020.

What also doesn’t help Informa’s situation indirectly is that the Broadway League decided to keep Broadway shut until January 3, 2021, so Informa went ahead with the decision to put all their time and resources into planning for a return in 2021, once the COVID19 pandemic is under control, and there’s hopefully a vaccine.

Since holding a show in September where women’s and men’s as one apparently isn’t feasible like originally planned, Informa has partnered with NuORDER to hold a digital trade event starting September 1, and runs all the way to November 1, where all the trade shows will participate.

Here’s the official Informa Press Release….

July 2, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: COTERIE Cancels New York Marketplace, Shifting Focus Toward Dynamic Digital Trade Event

COTERIE will refocus its efforts on their newly launched trade event in Fall 2020, allowing for better connectivity of the fashion industry in a more responsive and effective marketplace.

New York, NY—July 2, 2020—Informa Markets Fashion announced today that its flagship New York-based fashion trade show, COTERIE, which includes FAME, MODA, SOLE COMMERCE and previously rescheduled PROJECT and CHILDREN’S CLUB, will not take place September 22-24 at the Jacob Javits Center and the COTERIE team will instead focus its efforts on providing an opportunity for business continuity via its newly launched digital trade event, whose digital doors will open on September 1, 2020.

The COTERIE New York marketplace draws a large audience of both international and domestic brands, retailers, and key industry executives. Given continued uncertainty around international travel and border restrictions as well as the importance of health and safety for the entire community, COTERIE has decided to shift focus this fall towards their digital trade event in partnership with NuORDER. As announced earlier last month, the partnership is part of a longer-term plan to support a synergistic physical and digital future for the fashion wholesale industry. This season’s digital trade event, running from September 1st-November 1st, is an opportunity for continued commerce for the New York marketplace despite challenges around the physical event this year.

 “Over recent weeks, we have been in discussion with key industry stakeholders, partners and visitors to determine the best path forward for our community,” said Nancy Walsh, President, Informa Markets Fashion. “Ultimately, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s physical event and focus our efforts on a dynamic return to the show floor in 2021 and on the opportunities that our digital marketplace can offer both our brand partners and retail buyers this season. We have a lot of great ideas to enhance the physical experience at our show in the new year, and solutions to use digital in a more compelling way to enhance the experience for all of our customers starting this September.”

COTERIE’s digital marketplace, hosted within a centralized digital platform alongside MAGIC, PROJECT, MICAM Americas, and CHILDREN’S CLUB digital marketplaces, will give both brands and retail buyers a convenient and efficient way to connect and do business anywhere and anytime with new and existing partners. Brands and retailers will have access to NuORDER’s market leading platform, using features such as digital catalogs, line sheets, orders, and the latest Virtual Showroom technology to connect and conduct commerce. Exhibiting brands also will have the opportunity for enhanced brand
storytelling and exposure to a global retail audience, while retail buyers can intuitively browse the digital marketplace discovering and identifying unique products more easily through fresh editorial content and of-the-moment insights. Bridging the gap of physical events this year, COTERIE’s digital trade event will serve as a powerful tool for business continuity for the fall 2020 season as well as pave the way for 2021, when COTERIE’s physical and digital events can robustly launch together, with even greater enhancements.

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