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America 🇺🇸 The Beautiful

Even though we all couldn’t celebrate the Fourth Of July on Saturday like we normally do due to unprecedented reasons, Kristin Cavallari showed us today there’s plenty of reasons to make your Fourth Of July beautiful, no matter what the world circumstances are.

Kristin and her 3 children spent the weekend going home, going home to Kristin’s hometown, Barrington, Illinois, right outside Chicago, Illinois, capturing the moment where 3 kids are together on Barrington’s lakefront, sitting on the sand.

There’s also a moment in Kristin’s Instagram story where Kristin thought it was nice to be back home in Barrington facing the clear, beautiful lake stretching for miles, plus a moment where daughter, Saylor James, looks over nightfall on the lake with Instagram animated firework added in by Kristin.

Kristin also got the 4th with the family underway by making the famous flag cake with pound cake, whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries, the simplest, and sweetest way that you can salute America, especially this time.

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