Lauren Conrad dot com reveals a brand-new look @LaurenConrad @laurenconradco #laurenconrad #laurenconradcoloves


The New Digs

Lauren Conrad and her Lauren Conrad Co. team had a surprise for you today, something they’ve been working on for the past few months, it’s the new, a completely overhauled, and fresh new look to better serve you.

It’s not the same you’ve come to know, it’s new fonts, new icons in new positions, new drop down menu options, plus it officially completes the new company identity adopted last year which now operates under the aegis that is Lauren Conrad Co.

In a look that’s finally been shed for over 9 years with slight modifications all throughout, plus font far back from 2007 long before fully functioned in 2011, is now the official hub for all of Lauren’s brands and projects, giving you the latest information all in one place.

From shop-able content featuring LC Lauren Conrad, The Little Market, and Little Co. to lifestyle inspiration in Lauren’s editorial section, the new is so easy to navigate with featured pages for each of my collections.

You’ll be able to shop all the different categories within Lauren’s apparel, home, kids, and accessories lines, and view all the blog content on Lauren’s editorial page.

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